A new reality: Miki Ferrari.

« It’s from F&T Salotti experience that the new reality MIKI FERRARI is born.
Passion for architecture and design drive MIKI FERRARI to the constant quest for harmony of shapes and innovation; she loves fashion in any form and spends much of her time studying fabrics, leathers and color matches, that are never ordinary but always rich in creativity.»

Love for design.

« There is an unusual innovation in these collections of sofas and armchairs, a mood where everything blends, steps back, and then adds that touch that is the characteristic of our times, constantly changing and evolving. I love a design that expresses beauty and vanity, an elegant combination that is more than ever contemporary. »

Choosing the best

« Our goal is to create, with those who choose us for the first time or those who already know us, that wonderful combination and feeling that miki ferrari creations make possible – care for defining details, that sensation of beauty and the originality of our collections made up of exclusive and one-of-a-kind products, entirely made in italy, made in parma. »

Creating with our hands.

« I love watching the busy hands of our workers, always moving, repeating those rhythmic movements that are full of creative energy. It is the beauty behind what we do every day, arising from know-how and understanding knowing how to do something and doing it right, with perhaps the oldest tools in the world: our hands. »

Creating beauty.

« I love superimposing and mixing design, leather and new cutting-edge fabrics with tradition, offering fashionable ingredients that can create a style that is pure elegance. It’s a new way of living creative, a touch narcissistic, yet sincere ; in a nutshell, it’s beauty. »